3 Characteristics Of Teak Outdoor Furniture That Make It So Great

Large home with teak outdoor furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is something that has always been used on properties, and it is much more popular than other hardwood alternatives. There are many characteristics that make teak outdoor furniture, and it is these characteristics that also make them perfect for their given purpose. Some of these characteristics include being very durable due to their multifibered material and having incredible strength regardless of the environment and conditions it is placed in, as well as being non-appealing to pests and being easy to maintain. These are all characteristics that combine to create a great product that is perfect for its purpose. A good product needs to be able to handle the different kinds of weather that comes and goes, as well as being durable in general due to the nature of being in a backyard or other similar settings.

Here are 3 characteristics of teak outdoor furniture that make it so great


As mentioned before, teak outdoor furniture is very durable. It is made of a material which can withstand a significant amount of water and not be damaged or changed in colour in any way. Furthermore, sunlight does not damage or weaken it at all. Teak outdoor furniture will last for a long time regardless of weather conditions, and that makes it perfect for being placed in a backyard. Hardwood alternatives are typically not as durable at all, and will need repairs and/or replacement within a few years if not sooner, depending on the weather conditions and the environment they are placed in. Anything that is sitting in a backyard will need some level of durability, and this type of product is perfect for it.

Water resistant

Teak outdoor furniture is made of a water resistant material. Many hardwood alternatives will not be able to handle a lot of water, so when it rains they often become very weak or will collapse. For this type of product, the water simply slides off of it and will not affect it in any way. If you live in an environment where copious amounts of water (such as wet seasons) occur, then having teak outdoor furniture is a good choice in order to combat this. Water resistance is always a good characteristic to have, as many other forms of these products are not water resistant at all, and will be prone to collapse. They will need to be repaired constantly if there are wet seasons, and possibly even replaced over the years.

Low maintenance

teak outdoor furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is low maintenance. This is because it is a durable product and does not need to be checked up on all the time, and it is unlikely that it will need to be repaired and/or replaced at anytime soon. Because of its resistance to water and pests, it is not like other hardwood alternatives which face many more adversaries which could put its structure, look and function at risk. Teak outdoor furniture simply needs to be washed with soap every so often, and possibly even given a coat to keep its colour. Otherwise, its colour will become a beautiful olive green over time in the sun.