Finding A Family Lawyer In Sydney

Couple in front of a family lawyer in Sydney

Family lawyers represent cases related to divorce, nuptial agreements, child custody, etc. Hiring the family lawyer in Sydney can make or break your case. Since your family is the most essential element of your life, it is absolutely important that you do your research before hiring a lawyer. Lawyers can be significantly costly and are an investment that needs to be made carefully.

Family Lawyers in Sydney

We have compiled a list of the services family lawyers in Sydney offer, as well as a cost estimate. Family lawyers handle specific cases related to family issues. They provide the following services:

  1. A fair settlement of all property: In case of divorce or separation, they handle the distribution of the joint assets of the couple
  2. Alternate dispute resolution: They provide services to manage disputes between family members. This can include inheritance issues.
  3. Legal advice: They provide legal advice on all issues concerning family law
  4. Cohabitation and Pre-nuptial Agreements: Some couples choose to have a prenup drafted to manage their finances in case they break up. 
  5. Divorce and Separation Agreements: Family lawyers help nullify your marriage and settle post-divorce financial matters.
  6. Children and Parenting Arrangements: They handle complex cases related to child custody while keeping the best interest of the child in mind. This can include a post-divorce custody case. They also handle urgent parenting matters where a child is at risk of being removed from Australia.
  7. Emancipation of child: Some children get emancipated from their parents to be legally free. Family lawyers help with that process.
  8. Any Domestic Violence issue or matter: Cases related to abuse or violence by a family member are fought with the help of family lawyers.

How much do Family Lawyers cost?

When you hire a lawyer, you will get a formal cost estimate right away. Lawyers’ fees can be based on an hourly rate or a flat sum. Depending on the case details, lawyers can bill anything from $360 to $650 per hour or a fixed fee. If the lawyers charge hourly, their consultations will not include disbursements. These include court filing charges, phone calls, mailing fees, etc. Flat payments are paid depending on the client’s case. If a lump sum payment is not possible, the client can request installment payments. 

What is included in a free consultation?

During your initial meeting, the lawyers will listen to your goals, provide decisions about how to better handle your case, and provide guidance about how to reach the best possible result – whether by a negotiated deal, mediation, or litigation. During the initial free consultation, they will provide you with a transparent and precise cost estimate.

Aside from hearing your story, the prosecutor may like to see any papers you have for evidence and to ascertain the strength of your argument. The counsel will ask you if you have any conflicts of interest that could preclude them from defending your case ethically at the start of the meeting. They could request that you bring a list of people who may be defendants or witnesses in the case. This is simply to see whether the law firm supports someone on the other side since this will be a conflict of interest.

Since finding the right lawyer is a significant matter for your case’s success, it imperative that you do your research about your lawyer before hiring them. 

 Having a lawyer with strong community ties is beneficial in terms of family law cases. They can engage the local institutions such as police, shelter home, etc to provide you the best services