General Policies of a Company


1) Occupational Safety

Workplace safety is an increasingly important issue today as much as it was years ago. It is important that all potential risks and damages be informed to the employees well in advance and to even include them in the job description. The safety policy must also include the measures that will be taken in case, an employee’s health is at risk. The safety of the workplace itself must be made better by including emergency escapes, following drill evacuations and so on.

2) Equal opportunity

The workplace must be intolerant to any kind of discrimination of its employees. This could be based on their age, economic status, social status, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and so on and so forth. Opportunities that arise in the workplace for growth must be equally available for all its employees despite the said factors.

3) Code of Conduct

Even though workplace ethics and conduct seems obvious, it is better to have them in writing and explicitly stated. It will help the expectations of the company and the employee remain in the same page. General expectations like attendance, punctuality, regularity and dress code can ne mentioned in this policy.

4) Absence Policy

The number of paid leave that an employee can have, the notice that must be given prior absence, steps to be taken after availing a leave, and so on can be discussed in this policy. The various policies regarding sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and so on can be mentioned here as well. This policy will help the employees be informed about the procedures and expectations regarding leave taking.

5) Disciplinary actions


Any kind of inappropriate behaviour requires certain actions and measures to be taken against them. This can include workplace harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination and so on. The action that will be taken and the consequences that such individuals will face from the company need to be mentioned in this policy which will give the employees a feeling of safety in the company.

6) Employee Resignation and termination

The notice period before an employee resigns as well as before s/he gets terminated from the company needs to be mentioned in this policy. The procedures to carry out should also be made clear in the policy. This policy must be introduced to all the employees at the time of induction.

7) Benefits

All the benefits that the current as well as future employees of a company may avail need to be elaborated as well. This can include workplace safety measures, health benefits, increments, vacations and trips, retirement schemes and so on.