Advantages of Owning a Company


1) Money Matters

Businesses have the opportunity to make more money. Everyone who owns a company need not have a fortune under their name. The company might just give them a living, but not profits. But the chances that an individual will make more money when he owns a company is much greater than when he is an employee. When there is a huge demand for funky jeans and your company’s profit’s sky rocket, as the owner, you are more likely to enjoy the fruits of the profits as compared to if you were an employee.

2) Stay in Control

The best part about owing your company is that you get to be your own boss. Your productivity increases when you get to finish your work in your own terms. As an employee, your biggest disadvantage is that you will have to work in accordance with how your boss wants to get things done, on his/ her schedule and terms. This can hinder you from achieving your own goals and growing professionally. Owning a company, however, will give you the autonomy to follow through with your own vision.

3) Creative Freedom and Flexibility

Owning your own company lets you take the risks that you want to. It is a learning curve that enables you to be a better decision maker and analyse situations effectively. You can always experiment and do things your own way which would be impossible otherwise. Schedules and deadlines can be worked around and the same can be done with the method of working. The office timings and breaks will no longer even be an issue as you can work according to your timetable and send emails out at 4AM, if you want to.


4) Employees and clients

Most workplace cons that people talk about are their fellow co-workers. They can be inefficient or cocky, but they just get on your nerves. When you have your own company, you have the freedom to choose your employees and co-workers and hire them accordingly. If you feel like someone is not doing a good job, you change their roles. You can also choose to be a kind boss that everyone loves. Other than employees, you get choose your clients are as well. For example, a lawyer who is working under a law firm, who is passionate about a cause, cannot pursue it because they don’t have the authority to pick their own clients. This can hinder them from experiencing their job fruitfully.

5) Growth

Having your own company gives you the opportunity to be open to learning. Every decision and choice you make will contribute to your learning and growth. It will let you do the things that you have always wanted to. You can improve yr vocabulary, interpersonal skills as well as your communication skills.  When doing things your own way, you grow personally and professionally.