Opening Discussion Topics With a Sydney Family Law Specialist

Sydney family law specialist helping a woman in the divorce process

When citizens realise that their family situation is beyond repair internally and separation is imminent, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a Sydney family law specialist.

Even if they believe that they can work in a cordial fashion with their former partner, there are many machinations involved in these processes that can complicate matters further.

To avoid those scenarios, participants are advised to sit down and consult with Sydney solicitors who have been through many of these cases before.

During those initial talks, there should be a lot of topics covered, helping individuals to map out their future and to engage best practice for their own sake.

The Type of Case

From the outset, it is important to explain to a Sydney family law specialist what type of case is involved for the client. It can include a divorce, a de facto separation, a child custody battle, debate about alimony payments, property rights dispute, business interest talks, asset and account divisions, and beyond. Explain in clear detail what is involved in the matter and what has come before in terms of agreements signed, monies paid and anything stated written or verbally that could impact on the outcome.

Potential Legal Exposure

If there is any anxiety or fear involved for participants in these scenarios, it will speak to their potential legal exposure. This is where a Sydney family law specialist should be consulted to either confirm or dismiss those notions. If they believe they might be subjected to litigation due to abuse, illegal financial dealings or avoiding their legal obligations, then it is vitally important to cover this with the representative.

Available Opportunities

Sydney family law specialist meeting with a client

There have been many occasions where a Sydney family law specialist will be introduced to these community members before educating them about what they are entitled to. It might involve financial accounts, property, business interests, child custody claims or other components that they were not expecting. This is why open dialogue is paramount, giving individuals the chance to determine what they could receive from an official ruling or dispute resolution process.

Financial Policies

Among all of the discussion points that will be covered in the opening consultation with a Sydney family law specialist, it will be their billing policies that will be front of mind for many participants. Each firm will be different as to how they approach this point, seeing various institutions provide services that are set at an hourly rate, as a flat fee, as a retainer agreement, established after a settlement has been reached or, very rarely, pro bono.

Desired Outcomes

At the end of the day, men and women need to know what they want from the process as soon as they sit down with a Sydney family law specialist. Depending on the course of events, these desires can change over time, but it is beneficial to reflect on the types of settlements, custody rights and lifestyle conditions that will help them to move forward and start a new chapter.

Immediate Obligations

When speaking with a solicitor during these opening talks, it is important to outline what is needed from the client in the very immediate future. It might involve them signing onto an agreement, avoiding speaking with the other spouse unless the representative is present, making arrangements for the children, with work, and crafting a plan that minimises their risk and maximises their opportunity.

The good news is that all of these subjects can be covered inside a talk of 60-90 minutes with a Sydney family law specialist from the outset. Of course, further appointments will add context and develop the process, but these initial talks will provide individuals with the chance to calmly plan and calculate their requirements for the immediate and long-term future.