Popular Foodservice in Australia You Should Know

foodservice Australia

Are you planning an event and still can’t decide the right foodservice style? What will be suitable for the crowd you’re about to feed? Will your budget be able to handle it? We are here to help because we know it can be a tough decision for anyone. 

The primary use of a foodservice Australia agency is to serve food, with an exception sometimes of providing other amenities like entertainment. These catering services may compass from a small pull-out joint to a more prominent restaurant. 

Anywhere meals are made there is foodservice. There are numerous styles of catering services, but here we will only mention the three predominantly used ones. 

French Service Style

Firstly, there are two French foodservice methods. These are the Cart French and Banquet French styles, which are often mistaken for each other. We would start with the one most people are familiar with, the cart French Service Style. This foodservice style is highly particular and highly skilled.

Cart French Service Style 

This style is predominantly known more than the other as it is commonly utilized in fine-dining eateries. In this service, the food is assembled at the tableside. Meals are prepared on a rechaud, and a hot plate is kept on a gueridon, a small table.

When the meal is done, it’s plated and served to the guests from the cart. Sometimes, other cuisines such as desert already made are showcased on carts, then taken to the tables and given to the guests after they are done choosing which the want.

This style is advised to be used only for a small VIP group. Also it is the only foodservice style that serves from the right.

Banquet French Service Style

The difference here is seen because the meals instead are made in the kitchen and then taken with platters to the guests’ table, where they are dished to the guests’ plates. Note each cuisine is served directly from platters to the individual’s bowl. 

Another notable difference is that the Guests are serviced instead from the left. Anything else added to the bowl by the waiter is put in front of the visitor.

Russian Service Style 

Also called Sideboard style. This style is quite similar to the French Service Style as the meals are prepared at the table. But this time, the waiters put the meals in bowls and then move it across the table. The guests then dish the meals themselves to their plates.

This style is used chiefly by high-end restaurants, and the meal is dished from the left

Buffet Service Style

This Foodservice style involves the guests self-serving themselves. The meals are displayed on the table side, as guests with their plates move along the food that are in chafing dishes. They may request the waiters’ attention to put the food or take it themselves. 

In some types of buffet styles, the guests are made to eat while standing.

The importance of choosing the right foodservice Australia method not be obvious to everyone, but trust us, it’s there. The right style would add a hint of class to your event, while still keeping everything organized and your guests happy. Figure out the style that would best suit your event and go with it. We wish you the best.