The 3 Notable Requirements of Newcastle Storage Units

Newcastle storage facility

Having a safe place to keep your belongings is not as out of the ordinary as you may expect, people use Newcastle storage units for a great variety of objects from their everyday lives as well as for unforeseen and unexpected circumstances.

For instance, we’ve heard tell of many people using a Newcastle storage locker to house their prized collection of toys that have been unceremoniously kicked out of the house. Students have used them as in-between safehouses for their belongings while they travel off for tertiary education semesters, others have even utilised them for an emergency space to keep the belongings of someone who has unexpectedly passed away as well.

Regardless of the reasons for garnering the use of one, there are a few key aspects to any Newcastle storage facilities that should be adhered to in order for you to feel some sense of security and safety in keeping your belongings there.


1.   Comprehensive Security Measures

If you’re garnering the use of a Newcastle storage unit, you’ll want to ensure that the facility it is housed in has the adequate security to measure up to the name, you’d be surprised how many misinterpret this from the get-go and have an inferior system in place that allows for intruders or easy access for would-be thieves. A good and trustworthy Newcastle storage facility will have the basic security measures in place such as security cameras, wired access to detract thieves and some form of digital login that is hard to bypass.

This is a important factor as you will be paying a price for your Newcastle storage, and some form of security in place should be assumed, there are some caveats that can push a facility over the line in terms of extra security of course. Some form of guard being on duty or onsite at all times is a great bonus to have for peace of mind and overall wellbeing of your belongings. Some will even have a form of insurance attached to the price to allow for damages to be pain the in the event of theft or natural damage incurred upon belongings during the contracted time.

2.   Ease Of Access

The ease of access for your facility for Newcastle storage is also a major factor to consider when looking around at which one to choose. Having a 24/7 access option is already a bona fide winner in many books. The 24/7 culture is now a natural state of life for many people, with gyms and convenience stores being adapted for modern working conditions where the traditional 9-5 has ceased to exist for many people. Having the option for 24/7 access will also take out a lot of the stress of having to budget time out to visit your Newcastle storage facility.

Being local or at least accessible to your typical location with ease should also be a consideration. There is very little point in having a Newcastle storage unit when you live in Wollongong for instance.

3.   Projected Time Periods

Of course, not all needs are going to be the same, some will only need their Newcastle storage unit for a brief amount of time while they move to a new house or go away for a holiday. This is something to consider when shopping around for a provider as there are no shortage of facilities that have a lock-in contract for set amounts of time that are expensive to break from. Fortunately, there are also plenty of Newcastle storage units that can be adjusted and negotiated for a preset amount of time to ensure that no fees accrue after you need them.