The Ultimate Guide To Clean And Maintain You Teak Outdoor Furniture

Garden teak furniture at the patio setting

Have you bought or been gifted a set of teak outdoor furniture and are wondering how best to take care of it, so it lasts you a long time? Well then, you’ve come to the right place, as the following guide will explain everything you need to know in order to make sure this exterior seating solution stays beautiful and functional for you for many years to come.

The following will walk you through everything you need to know in order to clean and maintain a set of teak outdoor furniture so that it lasts long into the future.

How to clean

Cleaning your teak outdoor furniture is very simple, as all you need is a brush, soap, and the universal lubricant – water. When you are scrubbing with your brush, try to make your motion go along with the natural grain of the item rather than against it, as this is going to give you the absolute best-looking result. Next, all you need to do is wipe down the items with a cloth that is soft.

If you want to get stains removed from the set, then you can use sanding tools to work on the problematic areas. You can also buy special teak outdoor furniture cleaning solution that will clear way everything, even tough stains of grease.

Protecting the colour

When you buy teak outdoor furniture, you naturally want to do your best to maintain its original colour for as long as you can, and you need to invest in some kind of sealant product and apply it on day one. Make sure you use this sealant on a yearly basis so that the coat is maintained and does not start to weaken and invite problems for your items.

Doing this at the required frequency for all of your teak outdoor furniture will ensure that its colour is retained. You may also want to invest in oiling products that will also add ultraviolet light protection against the harsh sun that will fade the colour in the wood. Do all necessary cleaning before you apply sealants and oils, however.

You can also go the route of sanding the items to restore their original colour if it has faded more than you wanted it to. Make sure you do some research into this as sanding can be quite difficult depending on the shapes of the items you are dealing with.

Using them as needed

Of course, the best way to take care of your teak outdoor furniture is not to expose it to the harsh sun unnecessarily, as well as the damp weather that occurs during winter. Even with the best oils and sealants applied, they can only do so much for you if you constantly leave your patio set exposed to the elements.

Make sure that, when you aren’t using the set for entertaining, that you keep it undercover, and preferably under cloths that will stop moisture from collecting on them and seeping into the wood. During the Australian summer, you can keep them outside for longer periods since it will be inconvenient to take them in and out of storage constantly each time you want to use them, but make sure they aren’t stuck out there when it storms or hails.

Taking care of your teak outdoor furniture is not something that will be inexpensive or simple, but it is something you need to do in order to get the best value out of the investment you made. Hopefully, the above information will be useful to you, no matter where you live.